My LA Christmas tree!

It being our first Christmas living together, I found it necessary to get the biggest Douglas fur I could fit in our apartment. Tree--$36.99.  Decorations--$10.  Watching my boyfriend get a Skype tutorial from my father (from 4,000 miles away) on how to properly install the tree on a stand-- PRICELESS.

I Do - And it is real.

So I find myself in a time where everyone I know is getting married.  I guess we are all growing up.  Kind of scary.  I wonder though, how do you know?  Is love forever real?  Or is it social propaganda?

And then I watched this video on Anjelah Johnson's website.  It struck a cord.  In a sense I understood then the reality is you do know.  When you do reach that awareness that the person beside you is the one, it is so overwhelming it makes you cry. It's beautiful. In a time where many choose not to marry or find themselves in divorce, I realize love is not perfect. It will not fit a laundry list of expectations. Nor will it appear as you'd imagined it. It just will be what it is and you can't help it.  That's where the beauty lies.

Summer '11 - Where have you been?

Summer has come and gone without the slightest notice.  In Los Angeles, the temperature maintained a cool and steady 76 degrees with overcast.  Beach days were far and few between.  So were my poolside margaritas.  Caio my margarita-less summer.  Until we see each other again.

Queso Fresco - It's 'Fresh Mexican' Cheese

Oh Queso!  Where have you been all my life?!  I love you!!!!!

Yes, it's a strange declaration but have you had it?  Queso Fesco translates from Spanish to fresh cheese.  This mild and milky flavor will just melt in your mouth.  Though the flavor is somewhat similar to mozzarella, the texture is entirely different.  It is grainy and will crumble.  Great for garnishing and on top of dishes.  I personally love it with everything! It adds a satisfying, salty flavor as a topping for eggs, tacos, salads and soups and can be stuffed into peppers or other vegetables.  Thank you Mexico!