Three Days Until Easter

Someone stop me before I ever begin on a new crafting endeavor pleeease!  Disorient me long enough as to I may forget what I was about to embark on.  My mother was right to disapprove of my extensive craft projects when I was a child.  Why? Because she loved me.

Pisanki are hard.  It is not so much applying the countless layers of wax.  It's once you are done with the wax where the tricky part comes in.  How to take off the wax without smudging and discoloring the actual design?  In addition my eggs are completely rejecting the dye.  What to do?  I feel like my culture has just rejected me in a big way.  I'm Polish, this should be easy.

I have boiled 24 eggs.  Five cracked in the boiling process; three were consumed by wax; and the rest well I'm still trying.

Next year old world design egg wraps.

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